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Chloe the Photographer


I remember my first photographic assignment from the age of about nine. Wanting to emulate the cat postcards I collected in France on family holidays, I would follow our big tabby cat Tom around as he tried to hunt or sleep.

Bright blue plastic camera in hand, filled with yet another stolen film from my step-mum Mimi, I would point and shoot, wait eagerly for the prints and although generally disappointed by either the blurriness, awkward composition or bad light, (or all three) I would be delighted by the one or two I did get right, and I’d diligently go about making my first photo album.

Twenty five odd years later and I am still at it. Tom has since died (at the ripe old age of twenty, with half an ear and one eye) but I’ve widened my animal subjects beyond the family pets, to sharks (working as a Shark talker at the London Aquarium), Greek street dogs in Santorini and silverback mountain gorillas in Rwanda.

about It’s not just animals I enjoy capturing. Because of my large appetite for partying over the years (becoming less so), the majority of “people” photos have been taken drunkenly at various celebrations. I never really took a serious portrait until I went on a charity trip to Rwanda, where I joined some volunteer teachers and photographed the various projects which included setting up a women’s cooperative, teaching in, setting up and equipping schools for poor and disadvantaged kids and teaching basic business and marketing skills to students. I took portraits of the women and their children involved in the co-op and the busines students. I like a picture to tell a story, a snapshot into someone’s life.

My inspirations range from Frans Lanting’s wild portrayals of life on earth to Nan Goldin’s intimate, sometimes shocking and very tender photographic works, with smatterings of brilliant and diverse journalistic photographers like Eve Arnold, Martin Parr, Steve McCurry, and, well, too many to mention.. So you might find me wandering around the Wildlife Photographer of the year exhibition at the Natural History Museum, immersed in the World Press competition at the South Bank Centre or taking in the works at the Photographer’s Gallery, that’s if I am not at home watching a David Attenborough DVD whilst pasting my photos into my beloved Compton marbling albums.


Chloe the Rough Guides cover designer


I began working at Rough Guides travel publishers in 2000. Having held various positions in the company from the Marketing & Publicity assistant to the Foreign Rights co-ordinator, I finally found my true calling in the Design Department where I was taken on as the cover designer.

For four happy years, I took on the new cover re-design and found images for hundreds of Rough Guide travel covers, including Belize, The Czech Republic, Vietnam, Shanghai, Rajasthan, Norway and Tanzania and the ever-increasing Life style and Reference titles from The Rough Guide to Film, World Music and Classic Novels, to Evolution, Food and Climate Change.

To my excitement, I also got my own photos on the front and back covers – these include Bruges, Dublin, France, Andalucia and NYC. I decided after four years to go out on my own, and became a Freelance Picture Researcher, Editor and Photographer at the end of Jan 09.

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